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What's a Longcut?


It's the opposite of a shortcut. It's a call to adventure. A departure from the norm. And an attempt to make driving fun again. 


I helped bring this spirit of adventure to life through an array of social executions all laddering up to #76Longcut. 

76 Miles

To start, we featured must-see destinations within a 76-mile radius of our key markets that drivers could visit.
Post Copy
"Point Reyes is the 2nd foggiest place in North America. Hence the really cool lighthouse. #76Longcut"
Channel: Facebook, Twitter
Post Copy
"It’s like walking through Atlantis. Only in San Pedro. #76Longcut #SunkenCity"
Channel: Facebook, Twitter

Found Along The Longcut

I helped develop an animated series featuring a toy car discovering unlikely places along its own #76Longcut from Seattle to San Diego.
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Influencer Partnership

Launched the 76 Instagram account by getting influencers to take a #76Longcut.
Post Copy
"Look out, Seattle. @bethanymarieco’s coming for you. Be sure to follow along with her #76Longcut."
Channel: Instagram


And laid out all the necessities for a successful Longcut.
Post Copy
"When life gives you apples, you take a #76Longcut."
Channel: Facebook, Twitter
Post Copy
"Take this as a sign from nature. A sign that clearly reads 'fill up.' #76Longcut"
Channel: Facebook, Twitter


441mm total brand impressions, 240% over industry average on social platforms.

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