Lines That Didn't Work

Here are some lines that I wrote for various projects that never really went anywhere.

Honda Helper

The tagline chosen for this experience ​was "Shopping Made Simple"... I wasn't a fan. You could just as easily use that same line for Amazon, eBay, or 

So I decided to write alternate taglines and bring them to my ECD. None of them were ever chosen, but I still liked them. 

76 + Seattle Sounders

As a sponsor of the Seattle Sounders, 76 offered fans the opportunity to watch the final 20 minutes of a match from the sidelines by signing up for and using their KickBack® rewards card.

76 + Los Angeles Dodgers

In partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers, 76 regularly holds ticket giveaways through social as a way to promote their long-standing relationship with the baseball club.

Phillips 66 + St. Louis Cardinals

During the spring of the 2016 season, Phillips 66 hosted a sweepstakes rewarding eight customers with a VIP batting practice experience with St. Louis Cardinals alumni for a full afternoon. Touted through social, customers simply had to fill out an entry form at 66. 


As part of the #76Longcut campaign, I developed and wrote Road Rules and encouraging messages that were meant to bring more humor to driving.   

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I worked to come up with the tagline for the new title, Rise of the Tomb Raider, which would then help direct the larger creative campaign. 

Bank of the West

I developed and wrote headlines for a social campaign meant to showcase how Bank of the West is a champion of small businesses and their unique needs.