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That 76 Feeling

West Coast brand 76 was opening its doors in 40 new markets back east. My job was to come up with a holistic, integrated campaign spanning TV, radio, OOH, digital, and social introducing drivers to the brand’s history and spirit of adventure.


Below is the manifesto I wrote for the campaign, along with a bunch of work meant to convey that 76 is all about having fun.


Having Fun :30


Lyrics – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Words and Music by Cyndi Lauper


[SFX: Ambient driving noise – wind / tires over the road]


Open on farmland speeding by. The camera tracks backwards slowly through the driver’s-side window. As it does, a familiar song grows steadily louder. We can hear someone singing along... not very well, but with a lot of passion.


We continue tracking backwards, passing over hairy, muscular arms – one on the steering wheel, the other in the air in a fist. We come to a stop in the passenger’s seat, revealing an older, very masculine man driving.


MAN (singing loudly)                      GIRLS THEY WANNA HAVE FUN.

                                                       OH, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE...

                                                       THAT’S ALL THEY REALLY WANT...


                                                       SOME FUN...                       


SUPER                                           Feelin’ it for over 80 years.  


MAN (singing loudly)                      WHEN THE WORKING DAY IS DONE,                                                             OH, GIRLS THEY WANNA HAVE FUN.


SUPER                                          76®. We’re on the Driver’s Side.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 12.03.53



Feelin' It :30

Two guys are driving. The sound of the road can be heard in the background.


GUY 1                        Hey. You feel that?


GUY 2                        Feel what?... Oh!


GUY 1                        Yeah... That.


GUY 2                        Wow.


GUY 1                        Right?


GUY 2                        Yeah, that feels good.


GUY 1                        Very good.


GUY 2 (chuckles)      Gosh, kinda wish I could have this feeling all day.


GUY 1                        I know. I just filled up with Top Tier gasoline from 76. Which                                               means when we stop driving we won’t feel it anymore.


GUY 2                        ... Think we could go all day long?


GUY 1                        ... Absolutely.


V.O.                            Feelin’ it for over 80 years.

                                   76. We’re on the Driver’s Side.


Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 12.25.15
Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 12.25.39
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