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Stuff Happens

If you’ve ever ridden public transportation, you know that sometimes, stuff happens. Stuff like construction, accidents, inclement weather, and a whole host of other unforeseen inconveniences that lead to annoying delays and detours. That’s why the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) came out with Service Alerts; a notification system letting riders know when stuff is affecting their commute.


I helped come up with some pretty fantastical scenarios showing off the clear benefit of this new feature and wrote for all pieces of this integrated campaign.

Social Post Copy
"There’s always a snowball’s chance in Utah. ⛄ Know how it affects your routes by signing up for Service Alerts today."
Channel: Instagram, Facebook
Social Post Copy
"Whether your ride is held up 12 minutes or 12 lightyears, stay in the know with Service Alerts. Because stuff happens."
Channel: Instagram, Facebook
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